• 2021-2022 Student Parking Application

    UPDATE FOR 2021-2022 PARKING

    As of September 2, 2021, all students who have applied for parking HAVE been offered a parking permit.  If you have applied, then you should have received an email to the email address you provided on your application instructing you on how to proceed.  If you were notified but did not respond, you are still eligible to purchase a permit but must contact the Bookkeeper’s Office (kefsen@wths.net or 847-548-6837) to have the fee applied to your EFunds account.  Permits can be picked up in the Deans office upon proof of purchase (screenshot or printed copy). 

    Students who have outstanding fees on their accounts (books, electronics, lunch, or unpaid registration fees from prior years) will not be eligible to purchase a permit until those fees are paid in full but are still able to purchase daily temporary parking tags for $10/day (cash). Although $340 is a high price to pay it equates to $1.93/day.  The same number of days paid daily is $1,760 (176 days of student attendance).  In fact, half of the number of school days (88) would still be more than double at $880.

    There are no fee waivers for parking and no payment plans are offered.

    If you have additional questions, refer to the FAQ.   

    Still have questions? Email klakins@wths.net  or call 847.548.6646


    2021-2022 Student Parking Application (click here)

Student Parking Information

  •  Parking Regulations: I understand that along with the privilege of parking at Warren, I am subject to the following policies and procedures concerning vehicle operations:

    1. All students must have either a parking permit or a temporary parking tag to park in the student lots. 
    2. Violation of truancy, Tardy and/or Discipline Policy may result in suspension/loss of parking privileges.
    3. Parking does not guarantee you a reserved parking space; it gives you the privilege to park on school grounds during school hours.
    4. Students must park in areas designated for student parking only. 
      1. The student parking areas are the parking lot by the flagpole, next to the softball fields and the lot adjacent to the B1 entrance doors at Almond.
      2. The student parking areas are located in the South Lot only near the football field at O'Plaine. 
      3. Students parking in the staff lot, spaces reserved for visitors, or no parking areas may permanently lose parking privileges or be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense. (Wildwood Service 847-223-2222)
    5. Improper operation of the vehicle on school grounds will result in the loss of parking privilege.
    6. All students will obey directives of security and staff in the parking lot.
    7. Students may not go to their cars at any time during school hours without permission from the Deans’ office.
    8. The speed limit is 10 miles per hour.
    9. All motorcycles, scooters, etc. must follow the Parking Regulations for automobiles and park in designated areas.
    10. Warren Township High School is not responsible for damage or theft while vehicles are on school grounds.
    11. Any vehicle on school grounds is subject to search by school authorities and law enforcement personnel working with them.

Parent Drop Off

  • O'Plaine Student Drop Off and Pick Up Map

    O'Plaine Student Drop Off Map